Stranded gas sites can be profitable and environmentally conscious.

Our model does not make you choose between responsible environmental practices and profitability. Our proprietary toolkit helps provide you with both.

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XMST seeks to convert stranded gas to energy through Bitcoin mining

Gas without market access or being flared unnecessarily can deliver an economic return through technology that significantly reduces GHG and the need for flaring permits. XMST is currently looking for stranded/fugitive gas sites with the criteria listed below. If your site meets the following requirements please get in touch to learn more.

What we are looking for

500 MCFD* (minimum) in 500 MCFD* blocks up to 5,000 MCFD*

Gas commitment:
1 year (minimum)

1,000 - 1,850 BTU (minimum)

Regulatory concerns:
Permitting Generation, Zoning, and Noise Concerns need to be satisfactory for the presence of a data center on site. Surface Access Rights should be provided by operator.

Flaring regulations:
XMST provides a service which helps toward compliance with flaring regulations and is looking to partner with stranded gas sites that are currently constrained by flaring permits.

Vehicle access:
The projects requires that a Flatbed Semi-tractor Trailer be able to access the site and deliver the data center, generators and other equipment in close proximity to the flared gas.

*1,000 Cubic Feet Per Day

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