Transforming hydrocarbons to clean energy for profit.

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XMST is leading the energy transition to reduce greenhouse gases by  transforming hydrocarbons to clean energy.

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Are you an oil and gas operator/producer looking for an additional revenue stream?

XMST is currently looking for stranded gas sites with certain MCFD criteria. Click to learn more.

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Private partnership:

Close partnership with X Machina Capital, an energy transformation fund.

The methane from upstream oil and gas is 84x more potent greenhouse gas than C02.

Direct and indirect warming combined over time.

Transition upstream energy to clean production through technology that reduces greenhouse gas.

Direct and indirect warming combined over time graph

XMST lines of business

Stranded gas

1 | Stranded gas: convert stranded gas to energy and profit through Bitcoin mining.

Gas without market access or being flared unnecessarily can deliver an economic return through technology that significantly reduces GHG and the need for flaring permits. We are looking for at least 240 mcf/d per project.

GHG technology

2 | Low Carbon Technology: investment in greenhouse gas reduction technology businesses.

We invest in Low Carbon Technology companies with product-market fit, first revenues and are seeking scale-up capital.

Carbon  credits

3 | Carbon credits: produce carbon credits by identifying, remediating, and plugging gas wells that are emitting methane to the atmosphere.

Our asset retirement program will remove plugging and abandonment liability of orphaned wells economically.

Industry Partners

Highwire Energy Partners, LLC
Baker Botts
Anchorage Digital
X Machina Capital Strategies



Curt Hopkins

25+ year career in tech industry across deep tech, fintech including blockchain and sustainable tech. Initially a senior executive with Vodafone, Nortel and Fujitsu, for past 10 years has been founding, investing and operating scale up technology businesses. MSc, Georgia Tech.

Chief Financial  Officer

Roy Johnston

22+ yr career at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, SAC and  Allianz; experience as an energy analyst in private investing, capital raising, control, accounting and operations. CFA, Charterholder.

Head of Operations and Asset Management

Jeremy Linzee

Former Chief Design Officer at FullStack Modular, a Modular Design, Construction, Manufacture company.  BA Harvard and M.Arch from Princeton.

Talal A. Debs, Phd


Talal A. Debs, Phd

Managing Partner, XMC. Leader in energy finance, academia and founder of XMST. PhD, Cambridge University, Foundations of Physics. AB, Cum Laude, Harvard College, Physics and History & Science.

Board Member

Catherine Flax

President, Private Markets XMC. Decades of experience in building successful businesses in financial services, technology, professional services, and commodities (including as CEO Commodities -BNP Paribas and CEO Commodities EMEA - JPMorgan).

Board Member

Ted Shergalis

Partner, XMC. Technology entrepreneur with deep expertise in early-stage fund raising, business development and operations. Co-founder and COO of a sustainable, maritime technology firm. BA, Harvard.

Head of Corporate Development

Lane Genatowski

Appointed by the President and unanimously confirmed by the US Senate as Director of the Energy Department’s Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA-E).

Chief Commercial Officer

Tina Reine

CCO of Carbon Markets. Previously: Director of Commercialization for the carbon offset market at World Kinect Energy Services, environmental markets divisions at JPMorgan and NextEra Energy. Career start at Cantor Fitzgerald Group. MBA from Columbia Business School.

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